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Приложение 3


Отрывок дискуссии IRC с дескрипциями действия

<Chimera> slides on to Dragn's soft Lap
<dragnbabe> wooohooooo baby...
<Chimera> is better on Dragn's lap
<Chimera> wants to be x-rayed by Dragn
<dragnbabe> lol...you may have to after that wine experience
<Chimera> ROFL ROFL
<Chimera> Did I ever tell you I love ya Dragnbabe
<dragnbabe> takes out her x-ray glasses and checks out Chimera.....woohoo
<dragnbabe> everyday babe.....
<Chimera> has a crush on Dragnbabe
<Chimera> loves being scanned by dragn
<dragnbabe> noticed :):):)
<dragnbabe> I'd scan you any day Chimera
<Chimera> I'd let ya too!
<Chimera> I might even Beg ya too
<dragnbabe> hehehe....
<dragnbabe> LOL